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20 ideas to make 2020 the year for kindness

Hello 2020. Hello all the diet culture BS that comes with the new year.

Rather than repeat that BS here, let’s think about other ways that we can practice self-care and kindness to enhance our health.

  1. Skip your workout if you’re tired

  2. Do your workout if you’re not tired

  3. Give yourself permission to include all foods in your life

  4. Take yourself on a coffee date

  5. Offer to walk the neighbour’s dog (& then give doggo a big hug)

  6. Try a new food every month

  7. Grow fresh herbs

  8. Cook something new (if you enjoy cooking)

  9. Catch up with old friends & family

  10. Give yourself a break from social media

  11. Buy or borrow a new book

  12. Consume a wide variety of fruit & vegetables

  13. Quit smoking

  14. Practice meditation

  15. Go for a beach walk or bush walk (depending on how far you want to travel)

  16. Learn a new sport or hobby

  17. Smell fresh flowers

  18. Don’t feel guilty on days when you’re not your usual sparkly self (we’re all human!)

  19. Say no

  20. Be gentle with yourself and know that you are enough.

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