Treatment Aim & Fees

Aim: to provide evidence-based, compassionate care to help folks build a healthy relationship with food from a place of kindness and mindfulness. 


If we work together, you can expect ...  


  • A safe space where all bodies are respected and valued.

  • Compassionate, empowering sessions, where we will explore lifestyle goals tailored to suit your individual needs that aim to enhance your health and wellbeing.​​​​

  • A gentle, non-diet nutrition approach where we can work on:

      - mindful eating 

      - tuning into hunger-fullness cues

      - joyful movement

      - food variety  

      - self-care; and

      - being kind to you.

Click here if you're ready to chat. I can't wait to meet you! 

Appointment Fees:

Initial appointment (45 mins) $90

Review appointment (30 mins) $60

All appointments will be held online so that you can connect with me in the place you are most comfortable. 

**Please note Kirsten is not taking on any new clients at this time.

We will notify you as soon as appointments can be made again.**